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Welcome to the Beacon FX “Learn to Earn” Center. Here you would be able to learn more about Forex market, its history, learn basic strategies of trading, get familiar with Forex terms which are constantly used in this industry. Our educational center is a great resource for Forex beginners who are getting engaged in this exciting and challenging world of Forex. Beacon FX “Learn to Earn” Center is created to add value to our clients by providing right tools and knowledge required to trade with confidence.

Forex History


In 1980s, the money movement across borders increased with the development of computer systems. The market became a continuum, trading through the Asian, European and American time zones.


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Forex Benefits

There is no restriction for directional trading in currency exchange market. This means that if you predict that a currency pair is going to increase its value you can buy it, or if you predict a decrease you can sell it.


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Forex Foundation


One of absolute advantages in currencies trading nowadays is that there is no longer need to be a big money manager to trade currencies; small traders and investors can trade this market.


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Trading Strategies

In FX Trade, When utilized in combination with fundamental analysis, technical analysis provides much more complete judgment which inevitably leads to more successful trades.


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You will be required to send us a copy of your valid passport or ID card as proof of identity with a recent photograph. Also we request a proof of residence, e.g. utility bill (gas, electricity, etc.)


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