Currenex. The Choice of Professional Traders


Currenex Platform is very comfortable and informative and is specially offered to our institutional customers and private investors who rely on this technology to deliver total trading control – from unprecedented order management to analysis data, market intelligence, and the ability to fully customize the system to show the information they need – and only what they need to trade efficiently.

The platform provides the opportunity to observe the depth of the market obtained from our counterparts and also offers different instruments for chart analysis.


  • Designed for experienced individuals aiming to trade higher volumes, with fast inter-bank pricing by a larger number of global banks providing the deepest liquidity
  • No-dealing desk with electronic communications networks (ECN)
  • Multiple order types, algorithmic models, real-time news, chart trading and technical analysis


What we guarantee:

  • Currenex API connectivity
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • User defined One-click trading
  • No pre-transaction requests for quotes
  • Transparent commission without mark-ups
  • Access to deep FX liquidity through our large network of banks
  • Variety of different types of orders and execution algorithms, for complete control of order timing and execution.


Requirements for Instillation:

Currenex Platform installation requires the following:

  • 2GB of RAM
  • Java 1.6.0 update 20
  • Web Browser Internet Explorer 8.0
  • 100MB of available hard-disk space


  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Vista